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Endometriosis Surgery in New York City

Why Patients Choose Dr. Liu for Endometriosis Treatment

Professional Expertise

Dr. Liu completed a prestigious fellowship at Mayo Clinic after residency at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. While in fellowship, she was trained in urogynecology, gynecological oncology, as well as benign gynecological surgery. Since graduating from fellowship in 2018, she has focused solely on laparoscopic endometriosis excision surgeries and performs 15-20 surgeries a month, ensuring thoroughness and reducing the need for further procedures. Because she is a high-volume endometriosis surgeon, the likelihood of missing endometriosis lesions or being unable to complete the surgery because of its complexity is almost nonexistent. This translates to improved post-operative outcomes and long-term success rate, with a lower likelihood of requiring another surgery

Over 97% of her surgical patients have pathology-confirmed endometriosis, even though many of these women have had prior operations and were told that they “don’t have endometriosis.” This means that Dr. Liu is not only able to recognize “non-classical” endometriosis disease, but that she is also able to remove them in places where most gynecologists dare not go.

Multidisciplinary Surgical Team

Endometriosis is a chronic condition which often involves multiple organs, and most patients have suffered years and even decades after the first onset of symptoms. Despite her extensive training in urological and bowel endometriosis, Dr. Liu collaborates with a network of specialists during surgery to address multi-organ involvement. This approach reduces the need for additional surgeries, providing significant benefits to patients. Unlike most other endometriosis surgeons, Dr. Liu opts for her own dedicated team of specialists right in the operating room or on standby, rather than relying on “on-call” assistance from whoever happens to be covering the hospital that day. 

Multidisciplinary Continuity of Care

Because post-surgical specialty care is often required to address any residual pain generators and/or to help with fertility goals, continuity of care is vital. Dr. Liu maintains an extensive network of pelvic floor physical therapists, fertility specialists (reproductive endocrinology and infertility), physiatry, nutritionists, general gynecologists, and interventional pain management specialists nationwide to ensure continuity of care.

Direct Patient-Surgeon Relationship

Unlike the vast majority of physicians, Dr. Liu does not use an answering service, nor does she have other physicians or healthcare professionals take “call” for her. She does not use fellows or nurses to follow up with her patients’ post-operative concerns or questions. Instead, Dr. Liu herself provides personalized care to her patients.

Compassionate Care

Dr. Liu empathizes deeply with her patients, having faced her own challenges. She underwent multiple rounds of IVF, giving her insight into the emotional, physical, and financial burdens of infertility. While her experience with menstrual difficulties do not match those of her patients, she has been through the gamut of various birth control pills, progesterone-only pills and IUDs. Having been a patient herself, Dr. Liu understands the anxieties and fears felt by those on the receiving end of the speculum and ultrasound probe!

Access to Care

Although an out-of-network provider, Dr. Liu will work with patients to make sure that surgeries are affordable and accessible to those, including international patients, who may not have out-of-network benefits. Her office will try to obtain a GAP exception for those whose insurance may not cover her services, and if unsuccessful, a sliding scale fee will be provided. In addition, Dr. Liu has negotiated with her hospital a special rate for all international patients, or for patients whose insurance does not include the hospitals with which Dr. Liu is affiliated. However, she operates in both New York and New Jersey, so the likelihood that one hospital will not be covered is minimal.


Many times, patients find it difficult to obtain their surgical records such as operative and/or pathology reports. Dr. Liu provides her patients with copies of the reports when they become available. 

Welcoming Environment

Dr. Liu understands that patients with endometriosis already face extreme barriers to accessing appropriate care, which can be even more difficult for patients who may experience gender dysphoria or do not identify with traditional gender roles. She strives to create a welcoming environment for all who suspect or have endometriosis.

A Balanced Life

Convinced that her own personal health and well-being affects her patients, Dr. Liu strives to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As a marathon and ultramarathon runner, she is sympathetic to the endurance and discipline required for stage IV endometriosis surgeries. She runs before 99% of her surgeries to prepare mentally and physically for whatever she may be faced with in the operating room (and she loves those endorphins)!

A mother to two extremely energetic toddlers, Dr. Liu strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance. She is intentional with her surgical scheduling so that she can be available for her patients AND her husband and children.


Dr. Liu is the daughter of Dr. C.Y. Liu, one of the pioneers of laparoscopic GYN surgery. As a teenager, she was fascinated watching her father in the operating room, and this fascination fueled her own desire to continue providing surgical excellence to her own patients. 

If you have concerns about endometriosis, feel free to contact Dr. Liu for a 20-minute phone consultation regarding your particular condition.  Dr. Liu is passionate about helping those suffering with suspected endometriosis, achieve an improved quality of life.  Click here to request a consultation with Dr. Liu.

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